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  • Dentures


    Life changes drastically when you lose your teeth. Not only have you lost your ability to eat properly, but you’re confidence and self-esteem are also affected. When teeth are missing, your cheeks can sag inwards and make you look older than you are. Your gums will also start to recede in the area if left untreated. Your remaining teeth will begin to shift and fill the gap left by your missing teeth. And in severe cases, this can affect your bite. At Emerald Dental Care, we take pride in making great dentures. Our custom-crafted, premium dentures will restore your ability to chew and make you look good! We offer three types of dentures:

    • Full dentures
    • Partial dentures
    • Immediate dentures

    Dentures aren’t just false teeth, and they are so much more than just an aesthetic improvement to your smile. If you are missing teeth due to trauma or decay, dentures can give your smile the look, feel, and functionality of a full set of beautiful teeth!

    Types of Dentures

    Traditional full dentures: Complete dentures replace all of a patient’s teeth. They sit on top of the gums, as opposed to dental bridges that are anchored to existing teeth. Complete dentures are typically placed within 8-12 weeks after the teeth have been removed/extracted. Complete dentures are the last option after all other tooth restorations have been considered and ruled out as effective treatment options. It should also be noted that false teeth do not prevent bone shrinkage, and sometimes, poorly fitting teeth can contribute to it. Only a dental implant will preserve the bone and prevent it from shrinking after tooth loss.

    Partial dentures: Partial dentures are used when a patient still has some of his or her natural teeth, such as when one or more teeth remain in the upper and lower jaw. There is a pink-colored base that is attached to a metal piece. These two pieces hold the denture in the mouth. They are convenient and removable, which means you can take them out whenever you need to. Partial dentures help to prevent the surrounding teeth from moving, and are made from an acrylic material.

    Immediate dentures: Just as the name suggests, immediate dentures are placed at the same time the teeth are extracted. Patients leave the clinic with a brand new smile in one day!

    How do you take care of dentures?

    Dentures should be removed every night and soaked in a denture solution. This will keep them moist to help maintain their shape, kill bacteria, and give your gums a break. You should also brush your dentures with a denture cleaner and a soft-bristle toothbrush every day. Always rinse your dentures off before placing them back in your mouth in the morning. There are also denture whitening products you can utilize if your dentures ever start to look a little dull.

    Should I get dental implants or dentures?

    It depends on your personal preference, oral health, budget, and how many teeth you are missing. A single dental implant is a great way to replace one missing tooth at a time, while dentures are used to replace many missing teeth at once. We also offer implant-supported dentures, which combine many of the benefits of implants with dentures. Please contact our clinic to make an appointment and to learn more about the available options.

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