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  • Dental Implants

    Dental Implant Restoration

    If you’re missing a tooth, dental implants are an excellent way to get your full smile back and restore the functionality of your teeth. Dental implants are made from two different parts – the dental implant itself and the replacement tooth, otherwise known as the crown. The implant is made of a biocompatible titanium material that is surgically placed in your jaw. The biocompatible implant will bond with your jaw when it heals to become the new root for your crown. Once the implant is fully healed, we meticulously craft your crown to match the shading and cosmetic appearance of your other teeth, and install it into your dental implant.

    The benefits of dental implants

    When a dental implant is placed in your jaw, the immediate benefits are that your smile won’t suffer and you retain the functionality of a full set of teeth! Some of the other benefits aren’t as evident though. Here are some of the biggest benefits of dental implants:

    • Restores the look and functionality of your teeth
    • They are taken care of just like your other teeth, no reason to change your eating or cleaning habits!
    • Retains your normal jaw structure
    • They preserve the shape of your lips and face
    • They allow you to be comfortable and self-confident in every situation
    • They keep your other teeth healthy
    • They enhance your quality of life!

    If you’re ready to permanently transform your smile, contact us today to learn more about the many benefits dental implants offer.

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