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  • How Much Do Dentures Cost?

    How much do dentures cost?

    Dentures provide a viable replacement for dental issues such as missing teeth and tissues, and they can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. Dental patients have the opportunity to receive a partial or complete set of dentures based on their specific needs. Complete dentures take the place of all of the individual’s teeth. A partial set is utilized when some of the natural teeth are still in good enough shape to stay in place. Receiving a partial or complete set of dentures enables patients to eat normally and have a healthy-looking smile instead of dealing with missing teeth and being forced to avoid several food options. Dentures can be applied via the immediate or conventional method, and this will determine how quickly the individual will have a replacement for their missing teeth. It is a good idea to discuss all of the pros and cons of both of these options with your dentist so that you can make the best choice for your lifestyle.

    How are dentures made?

    Whether you are getting a partial or complete set of dentures, you can expect to go to several appointments with your dentist in order to get all of the preparatory work taken care of. Your dentist will need to take measurements and get several impressions of your jaw so they can accurately determine the exact size that your dentures need to be. The next step usually involves making a plastic or wax model based on the impressions and measurements so that you are able to ensure that they fit properly inside your mouth. You will also be given the opportunity to look at options for shape and color, and this process is critical because it is the only way to ensure that your new dentures will look natural in your mouth and with your skin tone. After these steps have been taken, your dentures will be produced and then adjusted as necessary.

    What is the average cost for dentures?

    Many people are hesitant to move forward with even discussing dentures because they are concerned about how much dentures cost. However, it is possible to get this type of dental work completed within a very broad price range. In our Willoughby dental office, a single denture typically starts in the neighborhood of $1,000, and a set of dentures will start around $2,500. Obviously, the cost for dentures will vary from dentist to dentist. Oftentimes, the price difference takes into account multiple factors, including the type of dentures that you need and whether or not you choose a basic or premium set.

    A complete set of premium dentures will be on the high end of the price range, and it will give you a durable and extremely realistic final result. Individuals who are working with a tighter budget can still get their needs met for a lower cost, and your specific circumstances could even provide you with a bigger price reduction.

    Dentures are at least partially covered by the majority of dental insurance providers, and it might even be possible to have the entire bill covered. Unfortunately, some people do have a bare-bones dental plan that provides little to no coverage for dentures, so it is necessary to contact your provider in advance to find out exactly what you will be responsible for.

    Individuals in the Willoughby area who need dentures or any other type of dental work can contact Emerald Dental Care at 440.944.2200 for assistance, and we can also help you find out exactly what your insurance company will cover so that you can make the right decision for your financial situation.

    Posted April 14, 2021 by Emerald Dental Care